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I once had an Eye, but somewhwere along the way I've seem to misplaced it.

Name/Nicknames: Eden or Ed
Age: 17
Birthdate: August 2
Height: 5'0

Likes: Reading, writing, anime/manga, computers, hauntings, the news, tv, clothes, jewlery, animals, disney, romance, music, dancing
Dislikes: bees, heights, cruetly without a purpose, animal abuse, slimly stuff, people touching me
Hobbies & Talents: writing, music, reading, astrology, dancing
Strong Points: Making people smile or happy, good with children, nutruring, comedic timing, being able to talk to people,
Weak Points: Selfish, shy, weak, angry, vain, no selfconfidence or self-esteem, lonely, envious, hard time trusting people I really like.
Fears:Heights, bees, being alone,
Dreams and aspirations: I wanto be happy. And to fall in love with that special someone and just to be happy no matter what I am doing and knowing that I've fulfilled my destiny.

Favorite animal: Owls
Your favorite book or movie, and why: Beauty and the Beast, I love that it shows that it dosen't matter whats on the outside. That love and acceptance can overcome anything.
A favorite quote or song lyric: "Waking up to you has never felt so real" from "Comatose" by Skillit.
What you want to do for a living:A Historain, or anything with History.
Favorite Clamp Character? Why?: Tomoyo. That she loved Sakura so much that she was able to be satisfied to just see her happy with anyone.
Least favorite Clamp character? Why?: Subaru. Because he shows me what love can do too you if you are not careful.
Favorite Clamp pairing and why? Chii x Hideki. That Hideki saw her as real. And that he loved her enough to treat her as a human girl not as a sex object. That he loved the person that she was.
You find the journal of one of your friends that was left at your house. What do you do?: Put it somewhere safe and call them and tell them that they left it at my house and I will give it to them as soon as I can.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?: Spider powers. It's so cool with all the webs and all.
If you were stuck on a desert island and could pick five things to bring, what would they be?:. I would bring music and my favorite books , Dr.Pepper and paper and pens.
Likewise, if you could have one Clamp character with you on the desert island, who would it be?: Hideki, I think he would be fun to hang out with. :D
Anything else?: No.
Clamp series you know: Clover, X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa, 'Holic, CCS, Kobato,Legal Drug, Leageand of Chun Hyang, The One I love, Chobits, Clamp School Detectives, Magic Knight Rayearth, RG Veda, Shirahime, Suki Dakra Suki, Wish. I think thats it.
Any special requests? No, I like all the characters enough to be rated as them. :D
Because the mods are curious, where did you hear about us?: I don't remember D: I just remember finding it off someones profile once. I'm sorry D:

Pictures and/or Describe Yourself:

Not a pretty girl, but okay. My hair has grown since this but only a few inches not much of a difference.

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