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Losing your eye for your beloved one is like, sooo romantic~!

Name/Nicknames: Dani
Age: 18
Birthdate: 01/13/1991
Height: 5'8''

Likes: my friends, MUSIC, spring, being random, daydreaming, having fun, laughing, people with beautiful smiles, honesty, openminded-ness, anime/manga, sugar, life, anything cute, strong people
Dislikes: elitism, too hot or too cold weather, work, people who take themselves too serious, being ignored, pessimism, insects
Hobbies & Talents: as for hobbies... anime/manga (duh! XD), listening to music, hanging out with my friends, doing stupid things on a whim and for no apparent reason andddd... yeah, that's pretty much it, I guess? ^^; Talents... I guess I'm good at languages and I've got a really good short term memory (which is pretty helpful when you're a lazy bum in school).
Strong Points: I'm one of those people who, while getting very very easily hurt or down, also get over it quickly (in other words, I might seem like a weak person but I'm pretty strong on the inside). People have told me I'm good at cheering them up. If I've made up my mind on something, I won't let it go very easily. I can be a bit shy at first, but I get along with most people. Hmmm, is there anything else? Ah, I guess I'm a very loyal person.
Weak Points: As I already said, I can be a bit shy with people I don't know. Sometimes, I can be a bit annoying XD; I'm dependent. Sometimes, I forgive people too easily. I get easily attached to people and once I am, I'm demanding and expect a lot of attention.
Fears: being alone, spiders and insects, the dark (unless I'm with someone else)
Dreams and aspirations: I haven't made up my mind on a job yet, but one of my dreams for the future is simply finding TRU WUV (XD) and staying with that person for the rest of my life (saaaa~ppy, haha). I've also got a huge list of places I want to see before I die in my head ^__^

Favorite animal: Dogs!
Your favorite book or movie, and why: I don't usually read books (...XD) but my favorite movie would be 'American Beauty'. I can't really explain why but to me the characters in it are just so... real. People like that EXIST out there. Oh, and 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'! The Disney movie. I just love the music :D
A favorite quote or song lyric: So when I'm lost in a crowd, I hope that you'll pick me out ('Nothing Gets Crossed Out' from Bright Eyes)
What you want to do for a living: Waaa, I just said I don't really know that yet *feels pressured* >__< Maybe... MAYBE a teacher.
Favorite Clamp Character? Why?: Sumeragi Subaru. There aren't many stories that have touched me the way his has and I doubt this is ever going to change. I can't even explain, sorry.
Least favorite Clamp character? Why?: I can't think of anyone... o__o
Favorite Clamp pairing and why? SEISHIROU/SUBARU. Because until this day, thinking about it still makes me hurt (uhm... masochist, much?). Really, I can't even begin to explain how much it means to me.
You find the journal of one of your friends that was left at your house. What do you do?: I'd probably have an inner devil-on-the-left-angel-on-the-right fight in my head first but... I'd probably read it XD;;; (although I'd probably confess to them afterward as well. I'm a bad liar)
If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?: Flying. Because that must be awesome? :D
If you were stuck on a desert island and could pick five things to bring, what would they be?: My iPod, my laptop, my best friend, a tent (which Sophie would have to put up for me cause I haven't got a clue XDD), some fresh food and water
Likewise, if you could have one Clamp character with you on the desert island, who would it be?: Kurogane, because while he'd probably bitch about the situation at first (which would be funny XDD), he'd probably be really helpful in the end anyway. And because I love him, of course!

Anything else?:
Clamp series you know: X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, XXXHolic, Card Captor Sakura, Chobits, Shirahime, The One I Love
Any special requests? Uhm, no?
Because the mods are curious, where did you hear about us?: here.

Pictures and/or Describe Yourself:
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I'm the one on the right with the purple hair XD (uh, Chris would kill me if she knew about me putting pics of her on the internet, but she doesn't have to know, right? XD)
(and no, I didn't over-photoshop this pic, it was like that - stupid cell phone camera - and it was the ONLY recent pic I've got of myself that was acceptable as in, not looking stupid or drunk XD;)
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