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he has stolen my eyes with his, and now my gaze is missing (is that ok? I was feeling poetic)

Name/Nicknames:Danielle, Danni or Tufty.
Age: 14 until the end of time.
Birthdate: 26/07/94 (I refuse to accept my age)
Height: Um, 5 foot? I have no idea. Titchy short.

Likes: Kindness, sympathy, sweets, books, learning, drawing, writing, singing, Disney, CLAMP (obviously), QI, anime + manga. Pride and dignity. Courage. Sleeping and eating. Believing.
Dislikes: Drunks, being afraid, people who are embarassing, rude, gossips, or have no self-esteem. My bad points and spiders D: . Exercise!
Hobbies & Talents: Drawing manga and creative writing. Can write kick-ass essays in school, too.
Strong Points: I would be determined if I needed to be, friendly and sweet, strong apparently, understanding, polite, proud and I can understand that I have to change. Believes in anything and everything and everyone (in a good way, like I believe in magic and in Sakura). Modest (usually) and care strongly for those I love.
Weak Points: Snobby, self-absorbed, greedy and lazy. Vain and scared.
Fears: Being alone, dying, secret fears I can't say. Being digusting and missing chances. Spiders! The serial killer I know is under my bed D:
Dreams and aspirations: To meet CLAMP, to become a manga-ka, and other personal things. To go to CLAMP School!

Favorite animal: Lioness or wolf. Perhaps a dog? A DRAGON!
Your favorite book or movie, and why: Anything Tsubasa. Anything that makes me cry, Studio Ghibli, Little Women, Harry Potter and HDM, Stargirl.
A favorite quote or song lyric: "Zettai, daijobu da yo!" The invincible spell that held my hand and led me out of my attention-seeking darkness.sss
What you want to do for a living: DRAW MANGAAAA. Children's illustrator? Write.
Favorite Clamp Character? Why?: SAKURA FOREVER. Her spell, her heart, her magic to ... to ... she gave me my magic, and that's all I care about. Syaoran is scraping her dress, though.
Least favorite Clamp character? Why?: FEI WONG REED! I want someone to hurry up and *CENSORED* stab him for everything he has done before I go HUNT HIM DOWN!
Favorite Clamp pairing and why? Sakura/Syaoran. Who else?
You find the journal of one of your friends that was left at your house. What do you do?: Read one entry, then be consumed by immense guilt and vow never to do anything like that ever again.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?: To ... make stars grant wishes. To release the Clow Cards C: .
If you were stuck on a desert island and could pick five things to bring, what would they be?: mp3 player with a solar-powered battery, every CLAMP volume in existence, a never-empty fridge, and a mountain of matches.
Likewise, if you could have one Clamp character with you on the desert island, who would it be?: Um .... nearly picked Syaoran, because I love him, but Sakura to keep my hopes up and to generally make me believe that we can get off this random island :)

Anything else?: Please be kind to me!
Clamp series you know: 20 Mensou ni Onegai, Angelic Layer, CCS (the anime), Chobits, Clamp School Detectives, Clover, Derayd, Hidarite, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders. Kobato, Legal Drug, MKR, Murikuri, Okimono Kimono, Rex Kyouryou Monogatari, Shirahime-Syo, Suki, Sweet Valerian, The Legend of Chun Hyang, Tokyo Babylon, TSSUUUUBAASSAAA, Watashi no Sukina Hito, Wish, X/1999 (I haven't read the end :( ) and xxxHoliccc.
Any special requests? I would like to be a girl, if possible, but don't really care. Take pity on me. Um ... nothing else.
Because the mods are curious, where did you hear about us?: Searched 'stamping', because of my sudden obsession with stamps (they make me hanyan ~)

Pictures and/or Describe Yourself:
Please, please don't laugh! My hair is usually curly, but I straightened it here.

Thank you for voting!
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