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::Needs votes::
The members who are in need of votes are conveniently tagged for you.

Mars - slytherinblack (Sorata)
Kero - drunkkero (Aska)
Mio - nikkibyun (Akira)
Usagi - sundaeprincess (Sakura)
Kaneha - staticlights (Clow)

Our affiliate list can now be found here. It's pretty massive.

If you are interested in affiliating with us, drop a line to this post.


0. Be polite!
1. Advertising other Clamp-related or stamping communities is okay; however I ask that you provide us a link to somewhere where you've advertised us in turn. Fair's fair; let's help keep each other going.
2. If you want to use whatever stamp you receive, don't direct link to it. Upload it to your own server.

rules for rating
1. Vote for one character only. If you want to mention more than one character, that's cool, but only bold one.
2. You don't have to be stamped to rate; in fact, this mod doesn't care whether you've even posted a survey. However, I am neurotic and stamp in order of oldest to newest, so when applying it is to your benefit to rate on older applications.
3. Please rate at least 8 other people. Since this is how many votes each survey takes, it is only fair that you give that many back. It makes Mars cry when I have to harass people over and over to vote, so please don't fill out an app if you don't think you can manage it.
4. Try to remember to bold your vote.
5. All Clamp characters are fair game.
6. Specify "Tsubasa" in your vote if you're rating a person as the Tsubasa version of a character and there's a noticable difference.
7. Try to rate someone as a character they're familiar with, unless you think there's a character that they're an absolutely perfect match for.
8. Please don't vote on surveys that don't follow all the rules.

rules for filling out surveys
1. LJ-cut all pictures.
2. Bold the question part of the survey to make for easier reading.
3. Surveys will be stamped after 8 votes or 10 days.
4. Your subject line should have a reference to missing eyes. Because one of the mods has a weird sense of humor, and will be changing the required subject line semi-frequently.
5. You are allowed one restamp. Please wait at least a week after you're stamped to post a new survey. You may not have a restamp unless you are active in rating.
6. I will not stamp anyone who doesn't follow the rules.
7. No one under thirteen, please.


Large parts of this survey were ganked from x_rating, kkm_rating, hogwarts_ch, and our members. The rest came from my imagination. I think.

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